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"George Hogan's Basilio was full of resonant deviousness." OPERA NEWS

"George Hogan was a commanding Bertram."  THE NEW YORKER

“One of the evening’s bright moments was the voice of American bass, George Hogan. His Handel was like dark crystal.”  THE AUSTRALIAN (Sydney, Australia)

"Thanks to George Hogan's gift of humor, I heard an audience laugh for the first time in many a year during Leporello's catalogue recitation. " OPERA MAGAZINE

“The evening consisted of one high point after another. There was the stunning trio of Hogan, Miss Fleming and Drews from Donizetti’s Lucrezia Borgia.”  OMAHA WORLD HERALD

“On savoure les interventions du trucelent Elviro de George Hogan, proposant, déguise en tavendiére, ses “bloe-metjes” au grand plasir du public anversois.” Translation: “One savored the contribution of George Hogan’s Elviro disguised in lavender selling his flowers to the delight of the Antwerp audience.” SERGE MARTIN

…ed il basso Americano George Hogan riesce molto convincente nell’ambiguità del personaggio di Cecil.” Translation: “…and the American bass, George Hogan, succeeded very convincingly in the ambiguous personage of Cecil.” 


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